This blog is for everyone to discuss opinions on the relationship of subjects, if any, and their effects. My opinion is that we as Americans need to take responsibility for the choices we have made in our past. The view of taking responsibility has been taken by many organizations and agencies across the world. In my opinion, every action can be tracked back to a choice made in our past and it goes for individual people as well as society as a whole. Also, changed my political stance and opted for the Independent ticket instead of a main stream ticket line of view, because the last decade or so having changed my opinions on aspects of life and the pursuit of happiness.

Please do your best to post supporting references such as hyperlinks, dates and the source of things you are basing your opinion and belief on. There are many sources of back up information that is askew and promotes a certain view-point. While more than accepting of your reference, others may feel the need to tell you of other view points on the reference source. Don’t take it personal, either accept the view-point, to ponder, or give rational explanation of your opinion. Most of this is common sense stuff, but see the need for reiteration after seeing things and actions that defy common sense.

There are many opinions that will differ than mine and Americans are bestowed the right and privilege to do so. Everyone needs to understand that posts, not in the spirit of rational adult like thinking and posts laden with hate or profanity is not in the spirit of open communication and is subject to removal. Though harboring no ill will for different opinions, as a matter of principle I will sternly address any posts degrading the role of our military. Our great military allows everyone to enjoy the freedom and right we, as Americans, are able to lavish. Being able to voice our opinions as part of our  inalienable Constitutional rights.

Encouragement to discuss, openly and honestly, any opinion they wish to share is given to everyone. This blog is not protected in any way from review by any one, agency or organization. You accept this statement when you post as part of open public discussions so keep it in mind when you finally hit the enter key and it’s out in cyberspace forever.

Thank you for visiting or posting and enjoy the conversations as we learn from each other and possibly shape the way society views subjects and the effects they have.


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